Best Foods for Barrett Esophagus?

Best foods for barrett’s include foods that help reduce acid reflux and provide relief from heartburn. Barrett’s Esophagus is a complication of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). In it the normal tissues in the lining of esophagus change to tissues that are similar to what is found in the lining of the intestine. Of all the people suffering with chronic GERD, around 10% have the chance of developing Barrett Esophagus.

There are no specific symptoms of Barrett’s esophagus. People who have this condition typically show the same symptoms shown by GERD patients. The main symptoms are:

  • Frequent heartburn
  • Difficulty in swallowing food
  • Blood in the stool or vomiting blood

In severe circumstances, this disease can take form of esophageal ademocarcinoma, more commonly known as the cancer of the esophagus. That is why when a person is diagnosed with Barrett’s esophagus, it is imperative that he or she visits his or her doctor on routine basis for timely examination.

There are certain dietary changes that should be made by those suffering from barrett’s esophagus disease to manage the disease.

Importance of Diet

Once erosion takes place in the esophagus and the healthy cells of the lining are damaged, they cannot be repaired. Unfortunately, there is no definite cure for barrett’s disease but certain precautions can be taken to keep the situation under control. Having nutritious diet is one change that can slow down the damage. On the other hand, it is also important to eliminate all those foods that can cause irritation to the stomach.

What foods should be avoided?

A nutritious diet can help you manage this disease. Stay away from these foods as much as possible:

  • Fatty Foods and Meat Products – Greasy and high fat foods can worsen the GERD and Barrett’s Esophagus symptoms because these foods are hard to digest and take longer to pass through the intestinal tract. Say no to fast foods, red meat and deep fried items if you have been diagnosed by Barrett Esophagus.
  • Beverages – Alcohol, coffee, carbonated beverages, high fat milk, certain flavored tea, especially those containing mint, should be avoided at all cost.

The Best Foods for Barrett’s Esophagus are…

A diet rich in fiber, healthy vitamins and minerals is good for everyone, especially if you have barrett’s disease. A person with Barrett Esophagus should include fruits and vegetables in the diet. This will not only help control acid reflux but also bring down the calorie consumption and improve over-all health. Most vegetables are acceptable, but they should not be deep fried or cooked in too much oil. Boiled or steamed vegetables will give maximum benefit to Barrett patients.

While selecting fruits, one must avoid the citrus ones as they can aggravate the symptoms. Stay away from grapefruits, oranges, pineapple, tomatoes; instead choose fruits rich in antioxidants like apples, blueberries, strawberries, melons etc.

Instead of having three heavy meals a day, a person with GERD or Barrett’s esophagus must have frequent small meals at small intervals. Having five servings of fruits, vegetables and other healthier stuffs is recommended to prevent the condition from becoming severe. Also remember to finish the last meal at least two hours before bed time and ensure that it is not too heavy.